Steve Blanchette received training in project management before completing his university studies in design. Those two formations have become excellent complementary tools that enabled him to direct projects; notably at the completion stage but also by maintaining a direct link with the different actors involved in the project.

Having work for more then 10 years within the construction industry, he has managed projects in both the commercial and industrial field. The latter led him to supervise teams of over 50 employees and to participate actively in the deployment of complex mechanical solutions

Within BCK, he is constantly involved in technical building mechanic development but also in implementing general architectural solutions up to final project coordination. He aims to maintain links with subcontractors while ensuring compliance with the concept to be implemented during the final stages of completion.

MATHIEU KOCH | designer

Having received training in both design and visual arts, Mathieu Koch has worked in the recent years on numerous projects ranging from urban planning to private and institutional commissions. These projects, some realised in collaboration with some of the most reputable design firms in Montreal, gave him the knowledge and expertise needed to bring such projects to completion.

Within BCK, he takes part in spatial and organizational planning as well as developing graphic design solutions for the concepts delivered. His graphic design and illustration background allows him to approach each project with an inherent sensitivity much needed when it comes to define and develop a visual identity. He also, as a personal interest, developed a practice in photography which led him to study the relationship between urban and industrial environments.

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