BCK design is a Montreal based design studio specializing in architectural and furniture design. Our team proposes an integrated approch of design from inspiration to production. This diversity reflected in each project is not only led in terms of layout development; every architectural elements, would they be an object or a graphic element, are also carefully considered.

Far from applying the same recipe over and over again, our two senior associates – Steve Blanchette and Mathieu Koch treat their workshop as a land of exploration and innovation. In order to exercise their creativity and develop new ways of thinking, they regularly participate in various design competitions. BCK is structured around a team that likes to experiment and implement projects that combine an innovative approach and attention to detail.

Our ambition is to create various environments that are consistent with our client branding and therefore expand their image and values. We channel our individual energies to express the full potential of each project, analysing every detail each step of the way. Maintaining a flexible structure allows us to accept change and criticism therefore forging stronger relationships with our customers, manufacturers and other important key players.


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